Thing-in-itself_1 Thing-in-itself_2 Thing-in-itself_3
Thing-in-itself_4 Thing-in-itself_5 Thing-in-itself_6
Thing-in-itself_7 Thing-in-itself_8 Thing-in-itself_9
Thing-in-itself_10 Thing-in-itself_11 Thing-in-itself_12
The Thing-in-itself, 2011

It’s a series of complicated photographs, based on my inner emotional experience, that appeared after reading Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’. The name of the series contains the idea, that is stated in the notion “the thing-in-itself “ (the thing as it exists (the thing per se), without influencing of our perception) is a philosophic term, that denotes comprehensible objects and phenomena. I carried out experiments with an image of human body, which we take subjectively, by prolonged exposure. Having left this way of perception, I imagined (took) a person as something that connects subject and object. By letting this image through my mind I want to show how perception of human body conforms to opportunities of my (our) knowledge (cognition), creating images over and above direct sense and logics.